Listen to Your Accountant

  • How Your Bookkeeping Will Improve When You Hire A Professional

    18 October 2018

    Bookkeeping is crucial for businesses of any size because it ensures that all taxes, financial records, cash flows, and payments are recorded and addressed as needed. DIY bookkeeping has been the trend for small business owners due to the numerous courses, resources, and tools that allow them to do so. However, they are also occupied with the management, marketing, and day-to-day operations. As a result, their responsibilities get mixed up, doing more harm than good.

  • Three Ways Contracted Payroll Services Can Save Money

    9 March 2016

    Some business organizations still handle all payroll functions in-house. This is great for smaller corporations who have a workforce of 100 employees or less. However, once you get past that number and build your team past 100 employees, handling your company's own payroll needs can become cumbersome. You can actually save money by contracting out your payroll needs to an organization that specializes in handling payroll for other companies. Manpower and Software

  • Two Ways You May Be Able To Deduct Your Animal Expenses From Your Taxes

    10 June 2015

    If you have a lot of animals -- and a lot of animal-related expenses -- you might be wondering whether you can deduct them from your expenses. An ordinary pet, such as a family dog, probably cannot be deducted in any way, but Canada does provide two major ways that animal keeping expenses can be used to reduce net income.  Livestock: Farming Income Any animal that is raised or purchased for the express purpose of making money, such as through farming, can have its expenses deducted as a farming-related expense.